A new beginning

Posted: April 20, 2013 in simplifying life
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Somebody somewhere is made for you….you never know when and where cupid strikes you…as a person everybody have some or the other expectation regarding there life partner or loved ones….but there comes a time when u hopelessly fall for somebody and you completely forget what were your idea of Mr.right or miss.right….there are many cases where a person someone love is far way different from there image of Mr.right…but everything seems right  when you are with that person…

beginning phase of every relation is always beautiful….that flirty pick up lines,indirect talks,gentle touch,butterflies in stomach….everything is extremely unique and a beautiful feeling…ain’t it?but then as time passes…u feel everything is changed…somebody said it true that “day by day nothing changes but when we look back everything is changed”.

life becomes more beautiful when you have somebody to share it with…that somebody with whom you can just be yourself…who wont judge you with the things you do…who will care for you…who will love you and be there always…its a real luck when you find that somebody…but sometimes you just have to go through few bad relations to know what you exactly want…

never get dishearten if your in one of those relations…move on is all i can say…every end is a new beginning…you have to be strong enough to handle yourself and the post break up stage…never forget there was a  reason that relation did not work out…and it was a part of your life…not whole life…the best thing to do is to do something to fill the vacuum created after such break up….engage yourself in some positive and productive way…life is a gift…don’t destroy it because of such petty reason..and remember your beautiful and there will certainly be someone who will love you for what you are and treat and respect you the way you deserve to be treated…

love is beautiful feeling and there will be someone special who will make you realize that…


take care…keep smiling…Stay blessed:)

  1. i always agree and interested about every topics in this blog. really inspiring.

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